Miles Carroll

Enjoying the great out-of-doors is one of my favorite hobbies.  Our family tries to do that every so often.  However, with our little ranchette, we stay busy with a lot of other tasks as well.

Some of those other tasks evolve around our ten grandchildren, our own four siblings, a dog named Maverik, and several stray cottontails that have taken up residence with our cows and calves.

This marks the 4th year at WPCS.  Our main effort has to been to develop a Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) program in the middle school.  Subsequent changes are always occurring and there has been discussion to move from STEM to STEAM (which would include the arts).

I have spent 32 years teaching secondary Industrial Arts, Industrial Technology and Technology Education in District #91.  The lure of teaching middle school students and the opportunity to build this program struck me favorably.  I am eager to work with your young students in this continuing endeavor.

The motto for TSA (Technology Student Association) is "Learning to live in a technical world."  This is our class motto as well.