Alysa Trust


Alysa Trust
1st grade

Tell us something about yourself (NOT school related):
Hi! I am Alysa Trust and I love teaching at White Pine! I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but I have been moving around for years. I have 1 dog- a Dauschund named Danny.
Describe yourself as a teacher in ONE word:
Food you could eat everyday:
Mexican food
If you could only take one book on vacation, it would be:
I like to try new books, but I love the book Mindset.
If you could be any animal for a day, it would be:
I would be a bird so I can fly around and see the world.
What made you choose White Pine Charter School?
I chose to work at White Pine because of the quality of education that the students receive with the Core Knowledge curriculum.  My co-workers and administrators are supportive and friendly and there's no place I'd rather teach!