Section E: Support Services Policies

EA-Support Services and Goals

EB-Environmental and Safety Program

EB1-Environmental and Safety Program Procedures

EBAA-Reporting of Hazards and Warning Systems

EBAA1-Reporting of Hazards and Warning Systems Procedures

EBAB-Hazardous Materials

EBB-Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

EBBB-Accident Reports

EBBB1-Employee Accident Report Form

EBBB2-Student Accident Report Form


EBCB-Emergency Drills

EBCC-Emergency Procedures for Bomb Threats

EBCD-Weather-Related and Emergency Closings

EBCD1-Weather-Related and Emergency Closings Procedures


ECA1-School Building Access


ECAD-School and Personal Property Replacement or Restitution

ECB-Building and Grounds Maintenance

ED-Materials and Equipment Management

EDB-Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment

EDBA-Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials

EDC-Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment

EE-Transportation Services

EEAA-Walkers and Riders

EEAE-Bus Safety Program

EEAA1-Bus Riders' Guidelines

EEAE2-Bus Safety Program Incident Report

EEAEC-Student Conduct on School Buses

EEAFA-Extracurricular Activity and Special Events Buses

EEAFB-Extracurricular Activity/Event Driver Requirements

EEAG-Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEAG1-Student Transportation in Private Vehicles Procedures

EEB-Business and personnel Transportation Services

EEBD-Business Transportation Records and Reports

EF-Food Services

EF1-Food Services Procedures

EFC-Free and Reduced-Price Food Services

EFH-Food Service Sanitation Program

EFI-Food Services Records and Reports

EGAD-Copyright Compliance

EI-Insurance Programs and Risk Management