Fifth Grade

 5th GRADE

Yearlong information

LANGUAGE ARTS-  We write in our journals at least 3 days per week.  We also do DOL (Daily Oral Language) in which we use editing symbols to correct sentences from the board.

Journal entries for a few weeks include: Monday-Family/Weekend   Tuesday-Friends/Activities   Wednesday-Free Write  Thursday-Peer Edit  Friday-Choose 1 best for grading

 Larger writing assignments will be assigned based on what we are learning in the other subjects.  For example, as we finish the novel Hatchet we will be making up our own survival realistic fiction stories.  After we read about the Early World Explorers we will be researching and writing about an explorer of choice.

Students will need to ask someone at home to edit their rough draft and initial it for points.



*Students get their words on MONDAY and should begin studying them at HOME!  Some weeks the words are pretty difficult. 


*They have 2 spelling Pages and 2 Grammar Pages from the REDWORKBOOK due by Thursday (these may or may not be homework-depending on their use of class time).


*ALL students also must use ALL 20 words in sentences ( a few students are on 12 words)

*Sentences are HOMEWORK and need a quick edit from a parent.  

*Sentences are DUE FRIDAY and Spelling tests are Fridays.

*Please initial the SENTENCES so that they get points for asking you to edit them.  This is great writing practice and involves you in the process.  Simply check for meaning, spelling and grammar.  Even if it’s a quick 5min look over.  Help your student get in the habit of showing you their sentences by Thursday or sooner.


I will try to email the next week’s words home on Fridays.  IF your student is in the challenge group than the emailed words would not apply. ALL students pre-test on the words on Monday and those that get 100% are moved into the Challenge Group with more difficult words (usually vocabulary practice)


READING LOGS- In Compliance with WPCS 5th grade homework policy, students are required to read 25min. each weeknight.  I allow students to makeup on the weekends or of course read extra.

IF your student doesn’t have a reading log from me-jot it on a lined paper and then transfer it to the OFFICIAL Reading log for the month (Sometimes I am a bit slow to make and distribute the new log for the new month)          

*Reading Logs are due at the end of the month.  Students should turn the logs in on the closest school day to the 1st of the next  month. 

*Extra minutes in addition to the minimum goal will earn the students MinuteMoney for the Reading Store (Please help with donations if you can).

*Reading Logs must be turned in on time to earn the store.

*Reading Log grades for Ms. Wood’s homeroom will be in Language Arts as I have taken this on as a science trade off. (my homeroom will have the grade in Reading Class.)



We read each chapter in each unit.  Students are learning to take notes of the main ideas by copying the board as we develop the notes or searching for the information on their own from the textbook.  The notes serve as a study guide for the upcoming test as we finish the unit.

Projects in Social Studies will be homework and may require some supplies such as a poster board.

We will begin learning ALL 50 STATES AND CAPITALS.  Students can begin practicing at home anytime.  There are some great online games available.  In the spring we will be working on STATE PROJECTS and each student will be assigned a state to research and present.  After the American Revolution we will be putting on a play that parents will be invited to attend.



In my homeroom Reading class we have a weekly story, vocabulary and computer testing on Fridays.  Students are placed in Small Reading Groups.  Some reading groups read the weekly story quickly and then read a more challenging Novel.  The whole class finished Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  It is a very enjoyable book.  We listened to it on audio and worked in a packet for comprehension and vocabulary. 


SNACKS AND WATER-Please send a healthy snack with your students.  5th graders get a quick snack break before reading class since our lunchtime is not until 11:55.  They are also allowed to have water bottles at all times.  Research shows that a healthy snack and lots of water equals BRAIN POWER!  Your student could bring 5 items for the week and leave them in their cubbies.

 STORES-We apreciate donations to the reading store or the candy store.

The Reading Store rewards 5th graders for extra reading and the Candy Store earns money for field trips and class parties.

Pleas check POWERSCHOOL regularly.  If your student has a late or missing assignment, or a low grade, I will notate it. IF it’s just left blank it’s because I haven’t entered it.  Please check it so that there are no surprises come report card time!  If you need your powerschool username and password you’ll need to contact the office.  Powerschool can be accessed from the WPCS homepage.


Many of you have kindly offered to help.  Here are a few ways to volunteer at this time:

Reading Groups (Mrs. Torgerson's homeroom) 10:55-11:50

Correcting papers/editing stories or spelling sentences

Adding up reading minutes and filling out MinuteMoney- end of the month after logs are collected

Reading Store items (donate anytime)

Paper/plastic napkins, spoons forks-I share these with any student that needs one and for Birthday treats


Please enter Volunteer time for items donated.  I will try to keep track on my end and count your shopping time.



Mrs. Torgerson