White Pine Charter School (grades K-8) utilizes a Core Knowledge curriculum framework taught in a warm and dynamic environment.  We believe that effective learning is hands-on where students are taught to be critical thinkers and life-long learners.   If you are seeking a challenging, yet intimate and nurturing environment for your child, call or visit White Pine Charter School today at 208.522.4432.


White Pine Charter School

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We are celebrating our 13th year of educating students in Eastern Idaho.  We are one of the oldest charter schools still in operation in Idaho.



May 2 (Monday) Fill out form of why you have a great teacher. Forms will be provided to the students at School. Teachers can hang the forms on their doors.

May 3 (Tuesday) Bring  your teacher's favorite treat.

May 4 (Wednesday) Make a flower or tie for your teacher to wear.

May 5 (Thursday) Write your teacher a thank you note.

May 6 (Friday) Wear your teacher's favorite color of shirt.





We have teaching positions available for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please check out our Employment Page!



Dress Code Reminder

We have noticed coming out of winter that several students (in all grades) are coming to school in non-dress code clothing and accessories. Polka-dots, stripes, stars, large logos and colored scarfs and jackets are just a few non-dress code issues. Remember that solid color or plain colored tops and bottoms are the board approved dress code.  Please be aware that by March 1st, teachers and staff will again be enforcing the dress code as outlined in the policy. Students will be calling home to have parents bring correct dress code clothing. Please review the dress-code policy by clicking here.  If you have any questions concerning dress code, please call the office at 522-4432.

Calendar for School Year 2016-2017


2015-2016 School Calendar

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

If you are interested in the Free and Reduced lunch program please click on the link.

Teton Stage Lines
the bus routes listed on Teton Stage lines website are incorrect.  They are from last year. Please call the WPCS office at 522-4432, if you have questions on bussing.  Thank you.

We are looking for substitute teachers! Please contact Mr. Clarke by email at clarkeje@wpcscougars.org if you are interested.

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