Karalie Morgan


First grade is a time for learning through adventure, discovery, and experience.  As a first grade teacher, I recognize each child's individuality, learning needs, and curiosity.  In the first grade, children strive to establish learning routines and discover what it means to be a student.

My teaching experience and training have prepared me for this first grade learning environment.  This includes experience and training in early childhood education which allows me to address first grade academic skills and provide age appropriate instruction.

Recent postitions in program development, supervisory roles, and program evaluation have contributed to my organizational skills and a desire to create an educational setting that will meet individual learning needs.  This can be accomplished by collaborating with parents, colleagues, and each child.

My goal is to establish a classroom, where life is fair, where learning is rewarding, and children recognize that they have responsibilities as a person and a learner.  The focus is on the positive allowing children the opportunity to develop self-control and know that they are valued by the teacher.  Every day is a learning day in Mrs. Morgan's classroom.