WPCS Library News and Use Agreement

Welcome to a new year at the WPCS Library!  Our mission is to provide students with a variety of books that they will want to read, be a resource for students and teachers to expand their learning and explore new interests, and foster a love of reading in each student.  We have a terrific staff and volunteers who are eager to help each student find books to fit their interest and ability and we look forward to getting to know the students and teachers.

We are so excited to implement our new computerized library system!  This program will allow us to keep track of each student’s books and due dates, print overdue notices, provide teachers with lists of the books their students check out, search for books by title, topic, author or series, and much, much more!

We are also pleased to offer hundreds of new books, in all genres, this year!  Our shelves are literally overflowing with fantastic books….there should be something for everyone!

This year we are asking that each parent review with their child(ren) the following Library Schedule, Library Rules, and Library Policies & Procedures.  Then please sign and return the bottom portion to school as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Gayle Black or Elena Brower at the school or at home:

Elena 542-9542 (cell 709-1007)


1.  I will be prepared and participate. On my scheduled class library day, I will be prepared to return or renew my library book(s).  I will use the library time to listen attentively, quietly find a book, and read.

2.  I will be positive. I will have a good attitude and not distract from the mission and purpose of the library.

3.  I will be respectful. I will respect the other students by keeping my hands and feet to myself, leaving toys or other distractions in the classroom, and allowing others to read silently.  I will respect the librarian by quietly listening during story time and following the library rules.  I will respect the library by treating the books with care, leaving the decorations and bulletin board alone, and not climbing on shelves or counters.

Library Policies & Procedures

  1. When a student checks out a book from the library, he/she is responsible for that book until it is properly checked back in.  Books are checked out one week at a time.  If a student needs a book for another week, he/she may ask the librarian to renew it for them (up to two times).
  2. Students grades K – 5th can check out up to 2 books.  Middle School students can check out up to 3 books.  Students with overdue books may not check out any other book until all overdues are taken care of.
  3. Excessive overdues or disruptive library behavior will result in the loss of library privileges for that student.
  4. Any student who loses a book or returns a book that is damaged beyond repair is responsible to pay a replacement fee as determined by the librarian.   Damage beyond repair includes, but is not limited to:  removal of barcode, laminate covering, or labels; water or food damage; writing on or marking up of books.
  5. Please DO NOT attempt to repair books at home.  The library has special materials for book repair.  Normal wear and tear is to be expected and a student will not be charged for minimal damage that can be repaired by a librarian.  “At home” repairs may result in a ruined book and the student will be charged a replacement fee.