Spec. Ed.


Kari Peterson

Middle School Special Ed


I have a degree in Psychology and am fascinated by how the human mind works.

One word to describe me is enthusiastic.

I could eat Pasta every day. YUM!

I like to change up what I am reading and what genres. I would read anything I1.   have not already read.

I would be a Giraffe if I could be any animal.  It would be great to be tall for the day!

I love working at White Pine Charter School!  WPCS has created an environment where a standard of excellence has been set for both academics and behaviors.  The middle school team constantly works together to help every student succeed and is willing to give additional help to any student.  I could not ask to work with a better team.


Deana Graham

k-5 Special Ed



Tell us something about yourself (NOT school related):
I have placed higher than my husband in our Fantasy Football league for the last 3 years running...the student has become the teacher :D
Describe yourself as a teacher in ONE word:
Food you could eat everyday:
Mexican Food!!!
If you could only take one book on vacation, it would be:
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
If you could be any animal for a day, it would be:
An Elephant
What made you choose White Pine Charter School?:
The individuality of White Pine and the Core Knowledge curriculum! I love the subject matter taught at each level, and am envious that my own education wasn't this way when I was growing up!