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Mr. Graham’s Third Grade Class News


Week of 1-7-12




Please expect this email at least once a week to keep you updated on what is going on in our classroom. This will serve as a forum for volunteer opportunities, talking about what we’re doing in each subject, and to pass on important dates or events. If there is anything else I can add to this weekly email be sure to tell me. You can reach me at (this comes right to my phone). I am also available by telephone and my number is 406-370-8949.


Temperatures are continuing to drop. Please make sure your child comes to school prepared with proper winter attire. Our school has children go outside unless it is below 0 (wind chill included).


Parent Volunteer Opportunities/Announcements


A BIG THANK YOU to all of your families for making me feel appreciated this holiday season (whether I deserve it or not). I can’t express in words how much it meant to me that you thought of me during this time of year.


READING CHARTS ARE DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 7th. Students were to color in the picture for each day of December they at least read 20 min. I told them they could have Christmas off (smile).


Yo Yo’s, squinkies, and noise putty seem to be very popular items. We are looking for some to put in our prize box. Let me know if you are interested in donating.


With our second and final conference around the corner, I’d like to hear from parents. What can I do to make the experience more worthwhile for you and your child? I’ll gladly take any constructive criticism and make the changes this time around. Let me know by emailing me at


The school wants us to start tracking parent volunteer hours in our classroom. When you come in to help me out, be sure to sign the sheet near the doorway. If you donate items to the classroom, let me know how long it took you to make the trip to the store etc. If I send papers or projects home to correct, let me know the time duration as well. Thanks for all you do!


Please make sure you sign your child’s planner on a nightly basis. They write their homework in it every night and it serves as an opportunity for parent/teacher communication.





We will be using Excel Math this year and many students are at different levels. The best way to track what your child is doing in math for the week is reviewing the skill on their nightly homework. Students will be tested every six days on what they have learned. This test will come a day or two after it is taken. If your child corrects all of the mistakes on their weekly test, I will give them half of their points back! Take advantage of this opportunity.





Reminder: Reading charts are due Monday, January 7th.

For the month of January students will be required to keep track of how many books they read. Our class goal is to read AT LEAST three books per student. A book log sheet will be sent home Monday.

Bold items will be on the weekly test


-          Question of the Week: How do people explain things in nature?


-          Tested Vocabulary: antlers, imagined, languages, narrator, overhead, and poked


-          Text Comprehension – Literary Elements (setting, characters, and plot)


-          Phonics Skill – Prefixes


-          Spelling Words:

1. unhappy

2. recall

3. disappear

4. unload

5. mistake

6. misspell

7. dislike

8. replace

9. mislead

10. disagree

11. rewrite

12. unroll

13. unknown

14. dishonest

15. react

In order for each student to be successful on their spelling lists, they need to practice at least 5-10 minutes a night. is an excellent way to practice the words. If your child practices on and you write me a note or print off a page from the site, I will pay them Super Coins. Thanks! We will take a pre-test on the words every Monday. Expect their spelling list to come home that day with the words they missed.

-          Challenge Words: unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, and mispronounce

-          Conventions – Main and Helping Verbs

-          Writing Skill – Fiction – Plays



-          We will continue our unit on vision and light by:

  • Finishing our diagram of the eye and creating a glossary for all of its parts.
  • (hopefully) Having an optometrist come into our classroom.
  • Conducting experiments with the eye.


Random Notes


- I hope you had an awesome break! Are you sick of your kids yet? (just kidding)


- Super Coin Question of the Week – What does a helping verb do for a sentence?


- Every week we have Friday Fun Time. For the last hour of school we will have a fun activity planned. However, not all students will be part of Friday Fun Time. If they pull their three sticks for the week (for not bringing homework or inappropriate behavior), they will spend the hour writing a letter to their parents and working in study hall. The letter will explain why they weren't part of Friday Fun Time and is required to be signed/brought back to school on Monday.


- Tune into Mrs. Harper’s homepage on to see what your child is doing in social studies (and math if they are in her math class).



Mr. Graham