Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones’ First Grade Newsletter

September 17, 2012


Dear Parents,


Thank you to all of you who donated canned foods to food drive and all the box tops you sent to school this last week.


In Reading this week and for the rest of the school year, students will be taking a spelling test. A list of weekly spelling words will be sent home with your child every Monday. Students will take a spelling pre-test on Tuesday and the final test on Thursday. Those who score 100% on the pre-test do not have to take the test. I will also be sending home every Monday a list of rhyming words that focus on the word family your child is learning for the week. Please have your student read the words to you. This will increase their reading decoding skills.


Below is the list of sight, high-frequency, and story words students will be learning over the next three weeks. 


come              in                     my                   on                   way                 Jack

Sam                she                 take                 up                   what               three

play                 purple             quick              Max                 blue                from

get                   help                little                 use                 town               down


Students will continue working with a number line to solve addition and “take-away equations. They will also be learning to do mental math, what is 1 more and 2 more than a given number, doubles (2+2, 4+4),solving word problems, and domino addition. Last Friday I sent a number line home with your child to use during homework for solving addition and take away equations.


For Social Studies today, Constitution Day, students will watch a video from the Constitutional Library and complete a flag for the thirteen original colonies. We will complete our study of geography and begin the study of Ancient Egypt.


As a conclusion to the study of ocean habitats, Mr. Lang gave a presentation to the students about Oceanography. We will next explore desert, mountain, and rainforest habitats. As a conclusion habitat studies, students will make a collage of plants and animals found in specific habitats.


Last Friday I sent home Scholastic Book orders. You may order on line using my class code: H89JT or send your order to school with your child. The dead line for book orders is September 30th. For every order that you place, the classroom receives a $3.00 book.


Thank you for all your support and volunteer time,

Mrs. Jones