Our Core Philosophy

The philosophy of White Pine Charter School is grounded in the belief that a highly challenging content in a safe environment creates the setting for accelerated learning. White Pine Charter School's philosophy is that learning occurs when:

Students construct meaning

Students see the connection between what they learn and the real world

Students are actively engaged in purposeful tasks

Activities are integrated and meaningful

Students work individually and as members of a group

Students work side by side with community members to develop solutions and opinions on issues that can be presented to local policy makers

Students are expected and encouraged to learn

Students internalize that what they learn in school makes a positive change in the community

Students are supported with coaches, mentors, and advocates

All students have advanced learning opportunities

Students see themselves as part of the community and find ways to serve the community

Students, parents, and teachers will experience peace of mind in the White Pine Charter School setting because of a commitment to the concept that each child has the right to come to school without fear of taunting, teasing, or violence. Each parent has the right to expect the school to provide a safe, kind environment for his/her child.  Each staff member has the right to teach without fear of violence.  We also believe that a kind environment should be extended through the potentially tumultuous junior high years. Therefore, we are providing a middle school experience for our 6th, 7th and 8th graders that will offer challenging, differentiated instruction in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.