Pam Jones

Peggy A Jones, known by her friends as Pam, was born in Helena, Montana, attended school in Bozeman, and grew-up with Bridger Bowl Ski Area. She earned her first degree from the University of Montana, Missoula, Montana.

Pam drove a school bus for 11 ½  years before going back to college to earn a BS degree in education and a Masters of Education with a focus on Literacy from Eastern Oregon University.

Pam is a Reading Specialist with 2 years experience as an elementary Title I Teacher, taught middle school, and kindergarten. She believes in using positive reinforcement and using students’ strength to build students’ weaknesses.

In addition to teaching, she volunteers as a religious teacher education for K – 4 children, she is a free-lance writer, and tutors struggling children.

Pam is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoys reading, crafts, and spending time with her family at their cabin in Montana.