Parent Faculty Association (PFA)

The PFA will provide consultation to the Administrator regarding on-going plans and accountability for the school.

The PFA Objectives:

The PFA will encourage and provide opportunity for parents to be involved in the education of their children and in the school at many levels. Parents bring an in-depth understanding of their children's personalities, learning styles and strengths and weaknesses, which is essential for the continuing educational development of their children.

Along with the Board of Directors and Administration, the PFA will encourage parents to volunteer 20 hours per school year. We need your help with activities in PFA.

If you would like to volunteer, please e-mail Adrienne Seamans @

The PFA will serve as the fundraising entity of White Pine Charter School. The PFA is identified for tax accounting purposes as being separate from the school.

Check out what the PFA is doing at:


PFA President is

Adrienne Seamans 351-4119,

September 2017 PFA meeting minutes