Section B: School Board Governance and Operations Policies

BAA-Evaluation of School Board/Self-Evaluation

BAA1-Board Self-Evaluation

BB-Board of Directors Legal Status

BBA-Board Powers and Responsibilities

BBAA-Board Member Authority and Responsibility

BBB-Board Qualifications-Elections/Appointment

BBBB-Oath of Office

BBBB1-Board Member Oath of Office

BBBC-Board Member Resignation

BBBD-Removal from Office

BBBE-Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies

BBC-Governmental Immunity

BBD-Governmental Immunity

BC-Board Member Conduct

BCA-Board Member Code of Ethics

BCB-Conflict of Interest

BCB1-Declaration of Conflict of Interest

BED-Meeting Procedures

BEDA-Notification of Board Meetings



BEDD-Rules of Order

BEDF-Voting Method


BEDG1-Minutes Procedures

BEDH-Public Participation

BEDH1-Public Participation Comment Form

BEDI-News Media Services at Board Meetings

BF- School Board Work Sessions and Retreats

BG- School Board Policy Process

BGA-Policy Development System

BGB-Policy Adoption

BGC-Policy Review and Revision

BGD-Board Review of Regulations

BGE- Policy Communication and Feedback

BGE1-Policy Communication and Feedback Procedures

BGE2-Policy Communication and Feedback Change Memo

BGF-Suspension or Repeal of Policy

BHA-Use of School Name, Logo, and/or Motto

BHC-Board Communications with Staff Members

BHD-Board Communication with the Public

BIA-New Board Member Orientation

BIBA-Board Member Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops

BID-Board Member Compensation and Expenses

BJ-School Board Legislative Program

BK-School Board Memberships

BKA-Liaison with School Boards Associations