PBIS Behavior (RTI)

The most important aspects of a PBIS system are to teach students the expected behaviors.  We do that through a consistent and comprehensive behavior matrix which utilizes short and positive statements regarding positive expectations.  Staff members reinforce these expectations througought the the school.  Students are recognized and rewarded for good behavior through our Character Counts program in grades k-8. Each month we will highlight a differnt character.

Sept.- Trustworthiness
Oct. - Respect
Nov. - Responsibility
Dec. - Fairness
Jan. - Caring
Feb. - Citizenship
Mar. - Trustworthiness & Respect
April - Responsibility & Fairness
May - Caring & Citizenship

RTI stands for response to intervention.  Often, we associate RTI with academic remediation, but another component of RTI is fostering a positive environment in the school through a positive behavior program and a comprehensive discipline process.  Since there is a direct correlation between student behavior and academic success, tracking the incidents is very important so that patterns can be viewed and the proper remediation offered.

Below, you will find the forms that the teachers and administration use to track those behaviors along with the types of behaviors and subsequent consequences.  Behaviors are mapped out to Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Level 1 behaviors are dealt with by the classroom teacher utilizing his/her discipline procedures and are the typical classroom disruptions.  Once a student exceeds a certain number of level 1 behaviors, they then become a level 2 (chronic level 1).  Level 2 behaviors are the types of behaviors that would normally require an administrator referral - or, a 'trip to the principal.'

An important aspect of level 2 remediation is ISS (in-school-suspension) which we hold only in the afternoons and in a separate classroom with an ISS coordinator (school employee).  Here they are taught (re-taught) a lesson from our social skills program "Stop & Think."

Our school RTI coordinators areMrs. Christensen, Mrs. Graham, Ms. Croft and Mrs. Morgan.  Please direct any questions to Mrs. Christensen at christensenme@wpcscougars.org.


RTI Academic Program

We will be posting more information regarding the academic remediation, but it is important for our families to understand that if their child is struggling academically, RTI is the process which is used to evaluate their needs.  Through this process, interventions are utilized to help the struggling student.  A committee meets to discuss and prepare a plan with the classroom teacher.