Section G: Personnel Policies

GA-Personnel Goals

GB-General Personnel Policies

GBA-Equal Employment Opportunity

GBB-Staff Involvement in Decision Making

GBE-Staff Rights and Responsibilities


GBEB-Staff Conduct

GBEBA-Staff Dress Code

GBEBB-Staff Conduct with Students

GBEBC-Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

GBEC - Employee or Public Use of Drugs or Alcohol

GBG-Staff Welfare and Protecton

GBGD-Workers' Compensation

GBI-Staff Participation in Community and Political Activities

GBJ-Personnel Records and Files

GBK-Staff Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

GBK1-Grievance Procedures

GBK2-Grievance Procedures: Level 1 Form

GBK3-Grievance Procedures: Level 1 Response Form

GBK4-Grievance Procedures: Level 2 Form

GBK5-Grievance Procedures: Level 2 Response Form

GBK6-Grievance Procedures: Level 3 Form

GCA-Certified Staff Positions

GCB-Certified Staff Compensation

GCBA-Professional Staff Salary Schedule

--2012-2013 WPCS Profesional Staff Salary Schedule

GCBC-Certified Staff Supplemental Contracts

GCC-Certified Staff Leaves and Absences

GCCAA-Certified Staff Sick Leave

GCCAB-Certified Staff Personal, Emergency, Legal, Religious, and Bereavement Leaves

GCCAC-Certified Staff Family and Medical Leave

GCCAD-Certified Staff Military Leave

GCCAE-Certified Staff Professional Development Leave

GCD-Certified Staff Vacations and Holidays

GCE-Certified Staff Recruiting

GCF-Certified Staff Hiring

GCG-Part-Time and Substitute Certified Staff Employment

GCGB-Arrangements for Substitute Staff

GCGC-Job Sharing in Professional Staff Positions

GCH-Professional Staff Orientation and Training

GCHA-Mentor Teachers

GCHB-Mentor Administrators

GCI-Professional Staff Development

GCIA-Philosophy of Staff Development

GCJ-Professional Staff Probation, Tenure, and Seniority

GCK-Professional Staff Assignments

GCL-Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars

GCLA-Length of Instructional Staff Work Day

GCM-Professional Staff Workload

GCMA-Professional Staff Planning Time and Duty-Free Lunch

GCMB-Professional Staff Office Hours

GCMC-Parent Conferences, Staff Meetings, and Team Meetings

GCMD-Instructional Staff Extra Duty

GCME-Administrative Staff Extra Duty

GCN-Supervision of Professional Staff

GCO-Evaluation of Professional Staff

GCP-Staff Promotions and Reclassifications

GCQ-Professional Staff Termination of Employment

GCQA-Professional Staff Reduction in Force

GCQB-Administrative Staff Reduction in Force

GCQC-Resignation of Instructional Staff

GCQD-Resignation of Administrative Staff

GCR-Nonschool Employment of Professional Staff

GCRC-Staff Consulting Activities

GCRD-Tutoring for Pay

GCS-Certified Staff's Research and Publishing

GCU-Certified Staff Membership in Professional and Union Organizations

GD-Support Staff