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Positive Impact

“We’ve had five children attend White Pine. This is our seventh year being there. We have been very impressed with the dedicated teachers and administration.  We have liked how the school adjusts according to the student level. They are there to give extra help or challenge academically, according to the need of the student. We also appreciate the communication between the parents and teachers. Emails or newsletters are set home regularly. White Pine has been a good school for my family.”

Dawn Livingston



Dawn Livingston


“We’ve had five children attend White Pine. This is our seventh year being there. We have been very impressed with […]

Answer to Our Questions

White Pine Charter School was the answer to our question… how do we find an excellent classroom setting, high academic standards, with a culture and learning environment that gave our kids the best opportunity for success?  We had tried private school, home schooling, and WPCS was the answer for both of our children.  They continued on through middle school at WPCS and have now successfully transitioned to public high school. 

Zac Warren


Zac Warren

White Pine Charter School was the answer to our question… how do we find an excellent classroom setting, high academic […]

Worthwhile School

“We like that White Pine Charter School offers Spanish, music, gym, art, etc. on a weekly basis. My kids enjoy being able to meet with other classes in their grade and work with multiple people. We love that the teachers work with our kids at their level. They give them assignments catered specifically to them, whether they’re advanced or behind in a subject. There is less lecture and more hands on and imaginative work. We’re very pleased with the academics at this school.”

Heather Talbot



Heather Talbot


“We like that White Pine Charter School offers Spanish, music, gym, art, etc. on a weekly basis. My kids enjoy […]

White Pine Charter School

Founded in 2001, White Pine Charter School (District 464) is the largest and oldest charter school in Eastern Idaho. We currently serve more than 600 students in kindergarten through 9th grade, with our students coming from Idaho Falls, Ammon, Rigby, and Shelley. The school is located in a 30,000-square-foot facility at 2959 John Adams Parkway in Ammon, approximately one mile northeast of the College of Eastern Idaho. Our new STEM Academy opened Fall of 2019 and is located on 2664 1st Street in Ammon. 

Our Demographics: Success For Every Student

White Pine has a diverse student body, with 34 percent of our students receiving government assistance services like free & reduced lunch, and roughly 12 percent of our students receive special education services. Regardless of socio-economic status or cognitive abilities, White Pine focuses on a mission of “success for every student.”

Academic Achievement

White Pine received a maximum 5-Star rating from the state of Idaho for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 school years, which was the last time this rating system was administered. White Pine was the only charter school in eastern Idaho to receive this top rating, and our middle school was the only one in Idaho Falls to receive the 5-Star rating.

Top of the Class

Many White Pine students who graduate from our school are typically one to two years ahead in Math and Language Arts. Here is a sampling of academic achievements last year from the Idaho Standardized Achievement Test (ISAT):

    • Science: 69% of our 8th graders scored advanced compared to 33% advanced in the local district.
    • Math: Our 8th graders scored 37.5% advanced, 21.9% proficient,18.8% basic, and 22% below basic, which is better in every category than the results from the local district, which scored 14.2% advanced, 21.6% proficient, 29.3% basic, and 34.8% below basic.
  • English/Language Arts (ELA):
      • 74% of our 8th grade students in 2017 scored advanced as compared to the local district at 40% of their students using the same criteria.
    • All of our 7th grade students scored proficient or advanced on the 7th grade ISAT this year.   Further, our 7th graders scored 32 points higher than the state average in English.

Parent Involvement, Teacher Collaboration

Student performance is regularly monitored every couple of weeks, and specific areas of improvement are quickly disseminated to teachers so they can formulate instructional strategies that address deficiencies. This information is also passed along to students and parents so they become active participants in the education process. The Administration and the Board oversee the process and monitor student growth on a monthly basis.

A Solid Academic Foundation

Our students are instructed using the Core Knowledge educational theory. Core knowledge theory is knowledge-based schooling, and it is often compared to a classical education with an emphasis in science and social studies.

At White Pine, we’re pleased to provide a rich educational experience for our students. Our subjects are enhanced by a focus in specialized classes, which include Computers, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In addition to their science and mathematics courses, all of our middle school students are always taking a STEM course as part of the core curriculum. They build Rube Goldberg complex machines, catapults, trebuchets, pendulums, as well as learn and work on all-terrain vehicles, small engines, hydraulics, cranes and more. This allows hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering and math, and our students learn how to think outside of the box.

The school’s STEM approach brings together our middle school education team so that STEM is taught cross curricular. For example, the construction of a Rube Goldberg machine may become a research paper topic in Language Arts and a unit of instruction in mathematics.

Our Technology

The STEM experience extends into computer programming, with our students gaining exposure to Day of Code and similar technological skills, in our dedicated MAC lab and our 1:1 computing in the middle school. As a result, our students become fluent with MACs, Google Chromebooks and PCs. Although we are not yet 1:1 in our elementary school, we are close to making that happen.   

Hands-On Learning

Another hands-on educational opportunity comes to middle school students in our social studies curriculum. Our students are taught the art of debate through mock U.S. Senate and United Nations assemblies, allowing students to roleplay, present resolutions, learn about current events and hold lively debate on the floor.

Academic Enrichment

White Pine Charter School students have access to exciting before- and after-school activities to enrich the academic experience. The following clubs are available either before or after school (this is not the complete list):

    • Academic enrichment & tutoring (before and after school)
    • Lego Robotics
    • Gifted and Talented
    • Student Council
    • Yearbook
    • Drama
    • Choir
    • Dungeons & Dragons
    • Wind orchestra
  • Athletics (boys and girls cross country and track; boys and girls basketball; co-ed volleyball)

The Dilemma

Our students’ high academic performance frequently creates one of the school’s greatest dilemmas.  We prepare our students with the knowledge and ability to be very successful in high school; however, when our students enter high school, they often become disengaged. We’ve received feedback from our graduates that the material they are learning at their new high school were items covered in our 7th or 8th grades.

A New High School

For the progress of our students, White Pine Charter School’s Board of Directors and administration team have determined that now is the time to pursue the creation of a new high school.  

Our students are accustomed to a fast-paced, hands-on, challenging education, and our parents know that White Pine is preparing their children to be top contributors in a global society. They both want to continue their experience at White Pine Charter School if the opportunity was available. Our surveys strongly indicate that our students and parents want us to immediately expand into high school.


The board is examining the potential concentration for the White Pine high school. Currently, we believe that forming a STEM-focused high school will meet the demands of our students, parents, and community. This would build on our longstanding tradition of providing a STEM-focused program and fulfill our desire for academic excellence. We anticipate the school’s focus will have the foresight and flexibility to identify future trends and prepare our students for a technically advanced environment. We want them to be fully prepared to enter college or the workforce, eventually securing jobs that have not yet even been created.

We welcome the challenge to receive STEM training and certifications. There are different universities and private corporations that offer leadership academies in STEM certification, and we want to seek them out and secure them right away.

We anticipate our high school may have similar elements to other STEM schools that have opened in proximity to National Laboratories. On Nov. 8, 2017, members of White Pine’s board and administration team as well as state legislators visited Delta High School in Richland, Washington as part of our research. We witnessed the tremendous opportunities that remarkable school provides to its students, and we feel confident in the possibility of creating such a school here in southeast Idaho to benefit our students. We learned that White Pine Charter School has already established many of the core components in our 6-8th grades for a successful STEM-based high school. We have also visited several top STEM schools in Ohio through a travel grant by the BLUUM Foundation.

Multi-Disciplinary, Project-Based Learning

We want our high school to offer a multi-disciplinary approach that relies on project-based learning across the curriculum. This will strengthen our students’ problem-solving capabilities, emphasize student involvement, and teach them the value of teamwork.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

We expect to pursue strong relationships, academic partnerships, and professional internships with local businesses and organizations so our students can have real-world experiences before they graduate high school. We will place a premium on helping our students secure meaningful internships and have career exploration opportunities while they are in high school. We will take advantage of our community’s extraordinary talent by encouraging guest lectures from scientists at the Idaho National Laboratory, professors from the College of Eastern Idaho, physicians from our local hospitals, executives from Melaleuca, entrepreneurs from the Idaho Innovation Center, and more.  

Improving Idaho’s Go-On Rates

Equally important, we want our students to engage in an academically rigorous curriculum, allowing them to complete high school coursework at an accelerated pace and access college coursework before graduation. This coincides with the state of Idaho’s important goal of improving Idaho’s go-on rate.