White Pine Charter School (grades K-8) utilizes a Core Knowledge curriculum framework taught in a warm and dynamic environment.  We believe that effective learning is hands-on where students are taught to be critical thinkers and life-long learners.   If you are seeking a challenging, yet intimate and nurturing environment for your child, call or visit White Pine Charter School today at 208.522.4432.


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School will be closed today, January 24 due to weather

ValYou cards are available for sale in the front office.  Students will not be bringing them home. If you would like to order them you will have to come to the school office.

Snow or Extreme Weather Closures

When the decision has been made to close the school, parents and staff will be notified by our text messaging system.  Notifications will also be sent to local news and radio stations. We will also post on our website.

The decision to delay opening of school, cancel school for the day, or to dismiss school early will be made by the Administrator. Weather-related closings will include temperatures of -20 degrees Fahrenheit (considering wind chill factors).

School days cancelled due to weather shall be made up: first, from calendar days set aside in anticipation of possible closings; second, by cancelling vacation days; and third, by adding the necessary number of days to the end of the school year.

Lost and Found Website
We have a new website that a wonderful parent volunteer created for us.  If you are missing something, go to this website and see if it is there. Thank you Mrs. Catherine Caballero for all your hard work.

GoFundMe account for the Paul family

As a school we have started a Go Fund Me account for the Paul family.  Mrs. Paul is our Spanish Specials teacher and 3 of the Paul children go to our school.  This is their story..

Our twelve year old daughter Leah was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called NF2 (Neurofibromatosis Type 2). NF2 is a condition in which benign tumors spontaneously form on nerves inside the body. These tumors can target any nerve, but the nerves most often affected in NF2 patients are the vestibular (balance) and acoustic (hearing) nerves in the inner ear.

Leah had surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor from her left vestibular nerve on August 31st. Toward the end of the 10 hour surgery, the surgeons noticed her brain stem was swelling. They performed a CAT scan and found 2 epidural hemotomas that had occurred during surgery. One of which was very severe. They performed an emergency craniotomy to relieve the pressure on her brain and brain stem. However, Leah sustained significant damage and stroke from this traumatic brain injury and we very nearly lost her. However, due to her great toughness and the immediate prayers of loved ones, Leah is still hanging in there and currently remains in Primary Children's Hospital.

If you would like to help support this wonderful family the Student Council has set up a Go Fund Me Account. Thank you.


The yearbook has set up this website for anybody who has taken pictures at school activities. Please feel free to email to this email address.  Thank you

Calendar for School Year 2016-2017


Free and Reduced Lunch Program

If you are interested in the Free and Reduced lunch program please click on the link.

We are looking for substitute teachers! Please contact Mr. Clarke by email at clarkeje@wpcscougars.org if you are interested.

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