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Linda Atwood

Linda Atwood

Linda Atwood, Math and STEM 9/10

Want to know a little bit about me? I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, 20 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. I came to Idaho for college and stayed. I received my BBA in Business Management and Marketing from ISU. After working in that world for years I switched to become a teacher.  I wanted to be a teacher as a kid, taking after my Aunt and Grandma. I selected math because I saw how often it was used to analyze diverse business situations and how a strong grasp of various topics helped some succeed while others followed their lead.  I wish as a student I had seen why and when it would be used not just the process of how to solve it.  When I was a kid they said you won’t walk around with a calculator in your pocket…. Well look at us now.

   When I am not grading or planning lessons I am spending time with my own family, my kids are the jewels to my crown.  In my spare time, I am with my family outdoors; hiking, camping, backpacking,  and other various high adventure activities year-round.  I am also a huge fan of reading and fuzzy blankets!   We also have an adorable dog named Ari.

   This is my 5th year teaching math.  It is my first year at White Pine Stem Academy, but after working all summer with the other staff, I can honestly say I am so excited and proud to be part of our WPSA community.  I came to WPSA because the entire school focus is the exact reason why I became a teacher; To help students buy ownership into their own education and prepare them to be amazing adults!  I absolutely love teaching math and helping students not only realize the application to the world, but also that they can do math. By far my favorite thing  is to help students realize it is okay to fail as long as you use that failure as a stepping stone to continue to grow and learn for the future.