White Pine Charter School

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2959 John Adams Parkway
Ammon, ID 83406

STEM Academy:
2664 1st Street
Ammon, ID 83401

Open through June 25th Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 12:30

Carpool and Bus Information

WPCS Carpool and Bus Information

Unloading Carpool: Please pull into the school loop and wait to drop your child(ren) off. Drop off begins at 8:10 am. If you arrive at the school after 8:30 you will need to sign your children in at the office.

Loading Carpool: Pick up will begin at 3:15 pm. Students will line up outside to wait for their carpool name to be called. Hang your carpool sign from your rear view mirror or passenger side visor (see explanation below). Every car must have a sign. As you arrive, please stay in the right hand lane, unless you have only a single passenger to pick up, then you may use the left lane. Please leave room between the sidewalk and the vehicles, this will allow for a safety area.

Carpool Names and Signs: To help speed the loading process, every car should have a sign with a carpool name on it. Please make sure all the children riding in your carpool know the carpool name. The carpool name can be your last name (if it is the only one at the school), a street name, or something the children will remember.

Carpool Reminders:

  • Speed limit is 25 mph on Tiebreaker Drive.
  • Speed limit in the school parking lot is 5 mph.
  • Do not drop off your children earlier than 8:10 am.
  • Release time is at 3:15. Names will not be called until 3:16 pm.
  • Do not block the John Adams intersection or the cul-de-sac east of the school.
  • Please do not park in the parking lot or at the entrance to our parking lot and ask your children to pass in front of the loading cars.
  • Do not line up on Tiebreaker because the Ammon City Police will start ticketing cars. If you have to drive around the block and wait until the line has lessened please do so.
  • Do not pull into the south field by the busses. This is not our property and it is unsafe for the children to walk down there unattended.  We do not have duties in that area.

Bus Information:

The White Pine Charter School Board of Directors, administration, and bus driver would like you to know that we are dedicated to providing the safest transportation possible. It may surprise you to know that the school is not required to purchase buses for the transportation of the students. Therefore, please do not take the service for granted.

The transportation committee has designated 3 different routes. Three routes will be available for bringing children to school in the morning and  will be available for taking children home in the afternoon. Since we will only have 3 buses, this plan will maximize the number of students that can utilize our buses.

Reimbursement for transportation from the state is awarded by participation; therefore it will be a requirement for any student registered for the bus to ride at least 80% of the time or at least 4 out of 5 days a week. Parents are responsible for supervision of their children while they wait at the bus stop in the morning and after they are delivered to their regular bus stop at the end of the day. Students are required to be at their bus stop five minutes before the scheduled arrival in the morning. Only those students that are registered to ride the bus may ride. Students may only ride on the route that they are registered for. If it becomes necessary to change a stop, the parent/guardian must inform White Pine and Teton Stage Lines (208-529-8036) at least 24 hours in advance. We will not make any changes to routes after Christmas Break.

Please contact the office at 522-4432 with any questions.